Toss hospitality, folklore, adventure and fine locally-sourced ingredients into a clay olla. Nestle this earthen pot over an oak charcoal fire that crackles under the stars and you’ll have the beginnings of a meal from brother/sister duo JT Beggs and Emily Beggs-Kortman of Kin & Kitchen. We aim to deliver unforgettable flavors, beautiful presentation, and wildly nourishing dishes that young and old can appreciate together. Our menus are carefully harmonized with the cycles of nature and feature distinctive and delicious ingredients (wild and cultivated) from our bioregion along California's central coast.

Emily Beggs-Kortman

Emily is a cook, anthropologist, and teacher who has studied horticulture, culinary arts and healing traditions with chefs, farmers, herbalists and grandmothers in kitchens and gardens from the Sierra Nevada to the Andes. Emily has expertise in cross-cultural perspectives on nutrition and gastronomy, and is particularly interested in healing foods and culinary medicine. She loves weaving this knowledge into a meal and exploring health and culture through food.


JT Beggs

JT is a naturalist educator who spends his winters shepherding within the Navajo Nation on Black Mesa, Dine Bikeyah.  He is a private chef, teacher and forager. When not running outdoor skills classes through Headwaters Outdoor School or catering and cooking with his sister, he is traveling the world learning about food and culture. His food and foraging classes have been featured at  nature-based educational centers such as the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement, the Oak Granary and Quail Springs Permaculture Ranch, and featured in Edible Santa Barbara magazine.

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